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About Us

Honesty and integrity have been principles we have followed for over 23 years & continue to guide us. This is also the reason we can stay on top of the water treatment business for such long time. Established as a mom and pop neighborhood store, now has transferred to the next generation to carry on the legacy of great service for our community.

With new technologies changing rapidly, Texas Pure Water is still holding what is the most precious value in everything—Honesty. We provide science based information & most reliable, time proven technology for our customers. No nonsense, no gimmick both in price and merchandise. 
Our technicians are licensed, experienced Water Treatment Specialists with continuing education sessions to obtain the most updated industry information and products. Our staff is equipped with professional knowledge and always attentive.
While there are countless fancy features and misleading promotions going around to catch consumers’ eyes, Texas Pure Water stands behind our products, such as drinking water system, water softener, range hood with manufacturer’s full support to create a quality life without draining your bank account. Texas Pure Water is your most trustworthy choice in water treatment. 
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