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The Q-Series filter, manufactured by Omnipure, is an easy-to-install replacement cartridge that twists right into a permanent head.

Omnipure's TQ56-50FC encapsulated membrane is compatible with both PuROTwist 4000 and PuROTwist 3000 Reverse Osmosis systems or any system that uses Omnipure Q-Series filters. It comes with a built-in flow restrictor and check valve and is easy to install.

The Q5640 filter uses reduce chlorine, taste and odor making it ideal for pre- or post RO filtration.

Filters may need to be replaced more often than indicated depending on incoming water contaminant levels and volume of water being treated.

#3–RO Membrane TFC 50 GPD and #4–Carbon Post Filter

SKU: (TQ56-50FC) (Q5640)
  • Replace Every 24 Months

  • (TQ56-50FC)

    • Flow Rate: 50 Gallons Per Day
    • Dimensions: 12.75" X 2.5"
    • Thin Film Membrane (TFM)


    • Dimensions: 12.375" X 2.875"

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