Fuji Premium wok is cast with all natural materials. Its stick resistant feature makes cooking and cleaning easy. Fuji wok allows cooking with lesser fat thanks to the raise concentric-circle grooves bottom, and allocates heat fast and evenly without hot spot. Fuji wok is sure to be the greatest help in everyone’s kitchen!

PacAir Fuji Premium Wok - R36

SKU: R36
    • Stick resistant
    • Durable, twice as hard as stainless steel
    • Lightweight
    • Great heat retention
    • Fast heat transfer
    • Non-slip coil bottom
    • Cook with lesser fat
    • Comfort handle design for easier grip
    • Non-stick exterior and interior makes cleaning easy
    • Polished stainless steel wok cover forms a tight seal
    • Available in different shapes and sizes
  • 36 cm(flat bottom w/1 long, and 1 short handle)