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Our all-in-one model gives you everything a Reionator Pro can do with sleek styling and space efficient design. 



ReionatorPro Fusion

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    • Better tasting water, drinks and ice
    • Spot-free dishes
    • Easier cleaning ability
    • Cleaner laundry
    • Softer skin
    • Use less soap and cleaning products
    • Reduces slippery feel
    • Better looking faucets and fixtures with no scale buildup
    • Longer lasting appliances
    • Improves energy efficiency


    • Proprietary multi-resin technology eliminates the need for costly routine media replacements such as carbon or kdf
    • Best-in-industry 10% cross-link softening resin
      • Compared to the majority of softeners on the market that use 6% or 8% resin, our choice to use 10% resin nearly doubles the lifespan capacity resulting in a long-lasting water softening system you can count on
    • Entire system IAPMO R&T certified NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 44
    • Fully automated electronic metered control valve that is 40% more water efficient than the competition
    • Control valve anticipates water usage to ensure you have great water whenever you need it
    • User-friendly programming and intuitive LCD display
    • Advanced programming and service diagnostic features built in
    • Integrated PC chip with Ultra-High-Efficiency (UHE) programming for maximum salt and water conservation
    • Whole house solution engineered with fewer moving parts for less maintenance
    • Low energy requirements of only 12-VAC, which means typical annual electricity costs of less than $2 per year
    • Available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet specific needs
    • Built to last with commercial-grade, corrosion-resistant components.


    • Untreated water flows through positive and negative resins.
    • Positively charged resins reduce aesthetic chlorine taste and odor.
    • Negatively charged resins soften water by reducing calcium and magnesium.
    • Conditioned water enters your home.
    • The system uses a salt (brine) solution that recharges the resins and releases hardness down the drain.

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