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With its unique technology, flexible design and compact size the WOW reverse osmosis system allows for both under-the-counter installation or counter top installation – so both renters and home owners can enjoy clean, pure RO water at their fingertips. The system is also easily installed in RV’s, boats and ice makers. It can also operate at low water pressure – this has worldwide benefits.

W.O.W RO Water System

SKU: 20-209-001
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    • The patented ‘water-on-water’ reverse osmosis design operates with astonishing efficiency, reducing water waste by up to 500% compared to traditional ‘air-on-water’ devices that must force water into the storage tank against increasing air pressures.
    • The WOW Water system is compact – taking up about 1/3 less space than conventional under sink units.
    • WOW’s patented “zero back pressure” RO design provides maximum purity and production under a wide range of water conditions, such as higher feed water TDS, and lower operating pressures (as low as 20 PSI – performs on low pressure water supplies, eliminating the need for add-on pumps and service calls).
    • The WOW Water system is manufactured using all high-tech injection molded plastic – nothing to rust or corrode.

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